Sunday, August 23, 2009

Time Wasting

"You're wasting your time"
"Don't waste your time"
"Stop wasting your youth"
"Stop wasting your life away"

So what is the meaning of "wasting time?"
That you're not using full use of your time?

Then what is the meaning of using full use of your time?
Studying? Earning money? Doing good deeds?

Seems like most of the time, "wasting time" is to be doing something you enjoy.
For eg. playing game, slacking, stoning, listening to music, watching a drama, going shopping etc.
"Stop wasting your time at home! Go find a job!"
" You won't have any future sitting at home playing computer everyday!"
"Do something useful"

Seems like most of the time, not wasting time means to do something that would result in a monetary benefit/gain at the end of the day.
That's how materialistic the world is.
So, activities that are not "wasting time" includes
Studying, having a job/completing your work.
Which would eventually result in monetary gains at the end of the day.
Studying> getting a good job> earning more money
Completing your job at work/job> keeping your job> earning money

Then what happens after making use of precious time to do "meaningful things?"
People usually waste their time by relaxing.
Going on a movie (which is wasting time)
Going on a holiday (which some may considered wasting time too)
Which means major time wasting since it means sitting at home for years and not doing anything "useful/meaningful" at all until you die.

So in the end, people make "full" use of their time in order to "waste time" in their later part of their life?"

So think carefully before telling others that they're "wasting their time".
It may seem to you that they're "wasting their time" but are they really the one"wasting their time?"
Maybe the one who is "wasting time" is you since you're leading a horrible life doing things you hate doing in order to "waste time" in the later part of your life.
So who's the one that is really "wasting time"?

Yeah, something that is "wasting time" to you may be meaningful and beneficial to me.
You may thing that I'm wasting my time, but I may feel that I've spend my time very well since I'm happy doing something I love and making full use of my life, enjoying my life.
So don't tell others that they're "wasting" their time since different people have different goals and meaning to life.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


好久没这么尽兴地发呆了。 事过多年,就像久违了的好朋友见面一样,有了重逢的快感。 只需一个字来形容。爽。 念书时期发呆和我是最好的朋友。 一有空, 我就会找他做伴。 任何时间地点都会找他陪。 但近几年就有点失去联络的感觉。 很惭愧的渐渐地遗忘了我这个好朋友。。。但幸运的是今天突然心血来潮,突然想起了这位好朋友。 重逢的感觉真爽。 和发呆在一起感觉超棒的!很舒服, 没烦恼, 什么都不用想。脑袋空空的感觉有够High 的。 一瞬间感到世界真美好啊。 大家有空时不妨也找找发呆做朋友吧。 保证不会让你失望。