Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Perth Travel

Travelling is a good time to observe. To see and to feel a different place altogether. Be it a different culture, different lifestyle and different ways in which people communicate. "Different" means that inevitably, there are comparison and that's what I'll do when I travel.

Just like how the bulidings in Perth are more sparsely located and spreaded out, the lifestyle of Perth is much slower and relaxed. In comparision, the buildings in Singapore are densely packed and highly rised, just like how the tempo in Singapore is often fast-paced and pressurising. There was once when we were rushing to somewhere along the street and I heard a woman whom we overtook asking her partner, "Are we walking too slow or are they walking fast?"

Alot of times, I'll just stare and look at the sky, admiring how beautiful and endless the clouds are and they just seem alot closer to the ground then those in Singapore.
Actually I don't remember myself looking at the sky in Singapore. Maybe the clouds in Singapore are often blocked by those high-rised buildings which are growing taller and taller each time or maybe because there's often no time to do so.

Somehow, I keep remembering that we spent alot of time travelling around in the car, going from places to places. That is also part of the lifestyle. Often, the shops are quite a distance away from the houses, so wherever we go, we'll have to drive around. And I guess driving around is also a kind of relaxation.

People are generally warm and friendly in Perth. It just seems like the shop keepers are generally enjoying their work and that they don't dread their work since they're often with a smile or a greeting when you pay at the cashier and there's just a feeling of warmth that radiates. In Singapore, most of the shopkeeper have a straight face and there'll be little conversation going on between the shopper and cashier.

Travelling is a good way to see a different world and get a taste of life.
Slowing down our tempo and occasionally taking a deep breathe to observe our life and surroundings may be a good thing to do sometimes since most of the time, we are often rushing here and there without actually thinking about why we are doing so.

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