Friday, October 23, 2009


Had some "serious" conversation over lunch today with 2 guys. Topic went from career, jobs to aspirations, goals etc.
So someone asked me a question which usually pop up during a job interview "What is your aspiration?" I answered that I don't really have one. Then he said "they'll ask you this question when you go for job interview most of the time" In my mind I was thinking "So I guess I have to prepare a 100% perfect answer for this kind of question in future. I'll probably think about it when I need to next time. "And "Is touring the world and enjoying life considered an aspiration?" But of course I didn't bother to say anything. I just smiled.

Then both of them came to an agreement that we should have a set goal in life and was kinda "lecturing" me into it. Actually I've still not reached the point where I'm thinking hard about my career path and all those, so I take life as it goes. 看一天算一天吧。活在当下最重要.

I don't really know the 2 guys well and it's the first time ever I chatted with them. It's quite interesting. 1 seems to be quite keen about making money, and I think he's a stubborn guy who thinks that his opinions are right. I think he's quite judgemental too (In his eyes, most likely I'm like a log floating in the middle of the ocean which has no directions and aim). The other guy is older and seems to be more open minded. But he still has his opinions and strong believes. I think he'll be a great father who will give wise advice and discuss serious topics with his children.

So that stubborn guy started to talk about aspiration and was kinda "dissing" me saying that "I know, you're like spending your days as it goes 看一天过一天" and was saying it in quite an annoying tone with some gestures added to it. I just smiled. Whatever.
Then I asked What is your purpose of life?"
Answer was "To earn money." And he continued talking about setting up company, earning more money etc. The more opened minded guy added "After that, enjoy life and go abroad, relax, etc"

In my mind "So the purpose of your life is earning money?" You spend the days when you were young earning and working like a bull, then when you're older, you're still working and earning money. When will it even stop? Since men will never ever be satisfied. When you have more, you want even more. When will money ever be enough? What's worse is that if you can never ever achieve the set amount of money which you aimed for, then won't it be a vicious cycle? In the end, you'll just end up working and working all your life, slogging like a bull, trying to pay up your bills and debts etc. So when you grow old, it'll be your child's turn. Then you'll be staying at home, doing nothing much. Spending your days as it goes or laying in bed or sitting in the wheelchair, trying to win a battle with diseases and illness. Will you even have the energy and health to do what you enjoy and to enjoy life?

That was just what was going on in my mind after I heard his reply. Can't really be bothered to go into a discussion about it with him.

I guess different people have different goals and aims. Can I say that my goal in life is to enjoy life when I go for a job interview? I think most probably I'll just fail the interview if I do that. So I guess I'll have to think of a perfect answer for the question next time if I go for a interview again.
It just seems like people will look up and admire people who are goal-oriented, who have set goals and aims for their career, financial goals, etc. But what's so great about these people. Yes, they may have financial freedom, being rich and able to afford luxuries, but what's the purpose of earning so much money and being able to enjoy these material goods if they don't even love life and enjoy life?

So in the end, I still stick to my believe after the "lecture". I'll live my life to the fullest, enjoying life and spend time doing things I like to do.
What for do something you don't like doing? I won't be able to stand that for long.

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