Monday, October 26, 2009

Earning money from the dead

Seems like its quite a good business to do business with the dead.
No, I'm not talking about having business transactions with spirits or ghost but do you know how expensive it may be to buy a space to put your ashes after you die?
For a certain company, the least is 2thousand plus for a space to put your urn and it could go up to 10s of thousands of dollars. Lucratic business isn't it? 5star service for the dead.

In my own opinion, I just think that what's the use? If I'm already dead, what for buy a place so expensive for me merely just to put my ashes? I don't even have any conscious by the time I'm dead. I won't even be feeling anything. So what for buy such a luxurious place for me? If I died, I think I won't even mind if my ashes are just being spread in the middle of the sea. Seems like quite a romantic thing to do huh? Since such scenes are quite popular in romantic movies where the ashes of the dead lovers are being released in a memorable place together.

I don't mind buying a place and investing in it, but the problem is, how do I sell it after I buy? Seems like quite a hard thing to do. Unless I spend my time around old folks and trying to persuade them to buy the place from me. But I can't even convince myself that I need a 5star "hotel" for my ashes to be put at when I died, how will I manage to convince others?

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