Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Interest Vs Money

What should we live for? Our interest or enjoyment or money??
Every morning, we see lots of people rushing to work. Stressed face, stressful workload and maybe mundane and boring work.
I often wonder, how many of those people actually enjoy their work?
Are they working for money or for enjoyment?

I think most people would say that of course work can't be an enjoyment.
We work to earn money.
Oh well.
I guess life is miserable.
Working adults usually spend most of their time and live working.
9-5pm job. Around 8 hours of work per day.
Sometimes there may be OT.
So life goes like that...
wake up at 6/7am.
Go work.
Faced with the mundane and boring and repetitive work. Not to add on the stresss.
Then there's 1 short hour of lunch break.
Then work again, until at 5/6pm.
Go home.
Watch 1-4hrs of tv programs. (depends on how late you stay up)
Then sleep.
Next morning, the same cycle continues.

So what's the joy to life?
Maybe only Saturdays and Sundays.
That's what most people probably look forward to.

I'd rather find a work where I enjoy.
Which has a purpose.
Which has something that motivates me.
That keeps me interested and have a passion for.
That's life.

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