Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Face

Have you ever wondered why people always judge others by their appearance?
I thought about it and came to the conclusion.
Perhaps it's because all the organs of our 5 senses are on our face.
That's why most people would notice other people's appearance or face when you look at another person.
Our eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin are on our face.
We use our eyes to see, nose to smell, mouth to eat and skin to touch.
So these 5 organs are important to us.
We'll use our 5 organs to look, smell, see and talk to another person when we communicate with them. So when using these 5 organs, we'll somehow be attracted to the other person's 5 organs too.
Therefore in the end, our attention would be on the person's face.

Does that make sense?

What if our eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are not all concentrated on our face?
I think there may be a chance that people won't be so preoccupied with appearance or our face.
Just imagine what would happen if our eyes are on our arms.
I guess that the arms would be the first thing everyone would be looking at when we look at others.
So will everyone end up being preoccupied with having a beautiful arms instead of face?

There's just so much going on on our face that somehow we can't keep our attention away from it.

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