Sunday, December 13, 2009


How I wish we could just have a switch to switch off our brain and give it a rest whenever we want to. Isn't the brain the most amazing thing ever? It's working every single second when we're awake. Even when we're sleeping, the subconscious part is also working to keep our bodily functions. It's even better than a machine! Working without rest from the time we were born to the time we RIP.

I've been killing alot of innocent brain cells recently. Sometimes, I wish I could just stop thinking. That'll free alot of things up and make things much easier. But that's impossible.
How can I store all those minute information and details I need to remember? How do I make sure I remember them all?
Information overloaded.

Well, I guess organising and reflecting is the solution.
Gotta store those information and organise them properly for my brain to retrieve them easily and not let them get lost in a pile of useless shit.
Blogging is a way to reflect too.
So this should be considered a first step taken.
Gotta move on next and get organising!

Hopefully, at the end of the day, it's still "saving in progress...."

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