Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"Everything we do here has a purpose".
So can I question everything here?
If I do that, I think there'll be no ends to it.

Can't even find the purpose of my life. Why would I care about the purpose of the small things surrounding my life?
I think I'll go bonker if I do that.
Maybe I may question, I may have doubts on some procedures and actions, but it'll mostly just be a passing thought. Gotta let it pass and move along. If not, life would be difficult, won't it?

Somehow, a few people in my life recently makes me wonder "Do I question the purpose of my actions/work?"
Seems like I don't really do that.
Been more conscious of my mind lately.
Most of the time I may question. Isn't this a harder way? Isn't there a better way to do it?
But I'll just let these thoughts pass.
Dunno whether it's cause of the "trainings" I received during my CCA when I was in secondary school that we don't question orders and the authority. Hence, most of the time even if I may have different opinions or I may question the purposed of doing something, but I'll just keep those thoughts in my mind and let it pass gradually.

Well, I guess I'll just continue to be in search for the answer of the purpose of my life and try to voice out some of the question I have in my mind.

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