Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meaning of life

If life has no meaning, then why do people live? Why do people have such strong will power for survival? Some people may be suffering and living in pain every single day, yet they're still living on earth. Why? I think it's a peculiar thing indeed.

Many people I asked said that there's no meaning in life and that I'll just have to accept it as a fact. I think maybe it's true that there's no universal meaning in life, but everyone should have their own interpretation of life and have an individual meaning for themselves. If not, there's no purpose in living. Why not just die instead of having to live and suffer? Alot of people are not enjoying what they're doing in their lives anyway.

Life is indeed a funny thing. Why are living things so obsessed about living? Trees grow everyday. If their sunlight is blocked, they'll naturally grow towards light source. Birds fly around looking for food everyday. Ants crawl around looking for sweets and food too. So what is their meaning in life? Maybe life don't mean anything to them at all. They're living just for the sack of not dying.

But for me, I seriously need a meaning in my life. If not, everyday is just the same old thing and there's no greater purpose at all (just like how my life is right now). I go to work everyday, doing those mundane work. I watch people around me doing the same thing. Go to work everyday, doing the same old thing. I work, I earn money, I spend money and I work and work and work again to earn money and spend money. It's like a vicious cycle. So what's the point? Work to earn money and spend money? Won't it be good if there's no such thing as money in the very first place? Then people won't have to work and earn money and spend money. Then nobody will have to go to the office everyday and do the same old thing everyday. How different will life be?

Actually if we imagine it, maybe life would be different, and maybe not. If there's no such thing as money, then I guess everyone will mostly have to depend on themselves or the kindness of others for their own survival. We'll have to find food ourselves, building our houses ourselves, look for fire, electricity and basically everything ourselves. I guess in the end we'll hafta end up living the jungle since there's no constructors and builders working to help us build our houses.
We'll end up being extremely busy in the nature of our live. We'll be too busy finding food, catching fishes, setting fire or climbing trees and avoiding our predators.
Of course we'll be alot closer to nature too(just like the blue people in the film, Avatar).
But come to think of it, there's still no meaning in this type of life. We'll still be living for the sack of survivor. Maybe life would be worse off this way since there's no material comforts and luxuries which we get to enjoy now with the money we have.

So if life indeed has no meaning, then I guess I'll just have to look for one myself in order to fill the empty-ness in life. I'll just have to find meaning to justify my sufferings and pain experienced in this world. That's life?

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