Monday, August 2, 2010

Time wasting

Wow, long time since I've last blogged here. Been slacking and wasting my time away (as many people would have termed it), but what exactly is time wasting? If I don't do anything productive I'm wasting my time? If I'm not earning money, then I'm wasting my time? If I'm just sitting down relaxing over a cup of coffee I'm wasting my time? If I'm merely watching entertaining dramas and videos I'm wasting my time? Well, I guess I've wasted alot of my time already for the past few months/ year. I guess most people would wanna waste their time too if they have the time to do so (haha, finding time to waste time), and most of the time people just don't have the time to waste their time since money is more important.

Well, the phase "wasting time" carries a negative connotation to it (same for the word "slack") so I guess using terms like "enjoying my life" or "enjoying my time" or "relaxing myself" sounds much better if I have to explained/answer myself to others.

Manz. What to do with my life??? I'm still clinging on to the piece of wood floating in the vast ocean right now, and I still don't see any sign of possible goal. It's getting tiring trying to find the right way amongst the vast and endless sea. I guess I'll end up just floating on this wood still and wasting my time if I still can't find the land.

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